Greenland Melting VR

Conceptualized with PBS Frontline director Catherine Upin, Blueplanet VR’s Eric Hanson helped develop this innovative interactive documentary and realize a primary scene.  Made with The Emblematic Group, Realtra, NOVA, and NASA, Greenland Melting is first of it’s kind, an 11 minute volumetric VR documentary experience allowing one to see firsthand the degradation of the glaciers in Greenland, and an unexpected discovery making matters worse.  Blueplanet VR developed a key photogrammetric scene surrounding the Kangilerngata glacier, illustrating the effects of Atlantic current impact on calving of the glacier, the research accomplished from NASA’s important  OMG project. A key contributor was our Icelandic colleague Olafur Haraldsson, who shot the aerial photogrammetry and ground based 360 video.

Dbl-click to view panorama fullscreen.