Onward Project VR

The Onward Project, a Santa Monica-based non-profit organization created by Getty alum Elizabeth Kahn, is dedicated to assembling and sharing with the public the tremendous breadth of material associated with the last of the great explorations of the American Southwest during the 1930s– the Rainbow Bridge-Monument Valley Expedition. Via multiple US museum exhibitions, digital archives, educational resources—and utilizing the latest VR interactive technologies—The Onward Project gives voice to the people who were impacted by the expedition, the native communities culturally related to the land, and those from the prehistoric past. The project will serve as a model for future virtual presentations about fragile and/or sacred sites around the globe. Blueplanet VR is partnering with this unique project, and has photogrammetrically captured a remote 900 year-old Puebloan site in Northern Arizona in extremely high resolution, allowing virtual visitation of the highly sensitive site in original, intact archaeological condition but without destructive effects of physical visitation. Interactive interpretation while in VR is aided by virtual presence of key experts of the region, including Navajo Nation archaeologist Ron MaldonadoThe Denetso, Littlesalt and Austin Families,  Allison Hana Fischer-Olson, Ailish Ullman, and Project Director Elizabeth Kahn. Future capture of related sites are planned.

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