Meyer Sound Promo Spot

Partnering with director and co-USC faculty Michael Patterson, Blueplanet VR’s Eric Hanson recently created a theatrical bumper for the famed Meyer Sound, leader of high-end audio systems. The work was animated in Maya and rendered in Redshift stereoscopically.




Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta VR

Albuquerque, NM hosts hosts the annual Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta every October, and recently Blueplanet VR’s Eric Hanson was able to shoot it with the assistance of the Jaunt One and Nokia Ozo VR cameras. Joining the excellent chase crew of Jonathan Wolfe and family, the Jaunt provided ground-based stereoscopy, and the Ozo was hung 12′ below the basket precariously, which resulted in some very unique pov’s. Jonathan is likely the only balloonist to tie-dye his canopies by hand.

Gamble House VR

Greene & Greene‘s 1906 arts + crafts masterpiece, the Gamble House in Pasadena, has recently been the subject of much VR acquisition by Blueplanet VR‘s Eric Hanson and HyperAcuity’s Greg Downing. Starting with stereoscopic panoramas, the primary interiors were shot for photogrammetry, then later with Paul Debevec‘s Google light field camera for his wonderful “Welcome to Light Fields” VR demo. Thanks go to Sheryl Scott.

Dbl-click to view panoramas fullscreen.





Lawrence Livermore Laboratory‘s National Ignition Facility is one of the most deeply developed nuclear fusion energy projects, and the world’s largest optical device. Blueplanet VR’s Eric Hanson and HyperAcuity’s Greg Downing produced a promotional VR film for the lab, illustrating how 192 of the world’s most powerful lasers can be coalesced into a burst of nuclear fusion, re-creating a speck of the sun’s surface. Use of the Jaunt One camera and 3D computer graphics were used to help illustrate the complex operation and goals of the remarkable facility. Thanks to LLNL’s Nolan O’Brien and Breanna Bishop.

Dbl-click to view panoramas fullscreen:



Jaunt VR Travel Films

Blueplanet VR’s Eric Hanson and xRez Studio’s Greg Downing produced two travel-based films for Jaunt VR, one on Machu Picchu and one on Zion National Park in Utah. 


USC VR Courses

Blueplanet VR’s Eric Hanson has been leading the forefront of cinematic VR adoption and instruction at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, teaching 2 classes on VR storytelling and technique. CTAN502L begins with an introduction to stereoscopy in IMAX, moves to survey the world of fulldome, and lastly produces an introductory work in VR. The successive CTAN504L is a studio masterclass, where linear cinematic VR work is brought into realtime interaction, exploring how narrative storytelling can find new opportunities at this powerful intersection.

The classes and syllabii can be found HERE.