Indonesia AFS Trip

Blueplanet VR’s Eric Hanson recently participated in the American Film Showcase (AFS), a program managed by USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in partnership with the Department of State. With the intent of sharing the rich talent in our film industry with the rest of the world, the AFS looks to foster new international voices, providing lectures and workshops for emerging film industries. Eric was invited to tour 12 studios and schools across Indonesia, lecturing on animation, visual effects, and VR. A highlight at the conclusion was a special opportunity to photogrammetrically capture Borobudur and Prambanan temples, magnificent subjects.

Dbl-click to view panoramas fullscreen.






Meyer Sound Promo Spot

Partnering with director and co-USC faculty Michael Patterson, Blueplanet VR’s Eric Hanson recently created a theatrical bumper for the famed Meyer Sound, leader of high-end audio systems. The work was animated in Maya and rendered in Redshift stereoscopically.




USC VR Courses

Blueplanet VR’s Eric Hanson has been leading the forefront of cinematic VR adoption and instruction at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, teaching 2 classes on VR storytelling and technique. CTAN502L begins with an introduction to stereoscopy in IMAX, moves to survey the world of fulldome, and lastly produces an introductory work in VR. The successive CTAN504L is a studio masterclass, where linear cinematic VR work is brought into realtime interaction, exploring how narrative storytelling can find new opportunities at this powerful intersection.

The classes and syllabii can be found HERE.



Visions and Voices Event- Rhythms+Visions: Expanded+Live


Director Mike Patterson and Eric Hanson of xRez Studio acted as co-organizer of a visual music event at the USC School of Cinematic Arts complex in April of 2011. Several student animation projects were projected onto the building in various forms, from realtime stereoscopic interventions to aligned architectural projections.  Continue reading “Visions and Voices Event- Rhythms+Visions: Expanded+Live”